Retail is the sale made in small pieces, little by little, to the final consumer. Since retail sales are made in almost every field, the application area is very wide. In direct proportion to the growth of the retail industry around the world, it is in a noticeable growth in our country. The retailing sector in the world is gaining more importance every day and it becomes a giant sector with the developing technology. retail sector with a total turnover of $ 150 billion at the end of 2007, energy, education and health sectors after the fourth largest sector in Turkey has a place. In parallel with this growth graph, the needs of the sector are increasing day by day.

In parallel with the development that took place in developed countries has been increasing in recent years, the share of organized retail in Turkey. Although the weight of traditional retailing such as market, grocery store and small markets is still high in the sector, the share of organized retailing, which is called modern retail, is 45%. It is aimed to increase the organized retail share to 80% in the coming years.

It is not very difficult to enter the retailing sector, as the fixed investment amount is relatively low compared to industrial investments and it is possible to do business with credit. However, as can be thought, in an area where market entry is so easy, competition is also quite intense. In order to achieve competitive advantage, it is necessary to keep customer satisfaction at the highest quality. To increase customer satisfaction; Using specially developed software, it is necessary to optimize the processes and resources in the business and reduce and optimize the costs.

In the retailing sector; fast production products, clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, pharmacy, food, computer, mobile phone, white goods, electronics, stationery. Since the product range that can be sold in the sector is very wide, the software application must be suitable for every business.

Sectoral solutions specific to your business

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