The production sector, which has been continuing from the existence of humanity to this day, is a sector that has always been functioning. As in every sector, technology is needed in the production sector. There is a healthy program that manages the production business processes of the companies that shine in this rapidly developing and renewing sector every day. As Bilge Teknoloji, we are developing the Manufacturing Management program that appeals to every manufacturing company. Our program offers solutions to the problems experienced by the industry.

Production can be defined as any activity that increases the ability to satisfy human needs. In a narrow sense, production is a business process in which a service, product or revenue is obtained by spending a certain amount of labor or capital intellectually or physically. This process took place with the human beings beginning to process nature. Although the birth of production started with the production of products by cultivating the soil, it was not limited to the soil.

Examples such as obtaining a finished product by processing labor, capital and raw materials in the factory, obtaining a final product by packaging the products of another manufacturer, obtaining food products by cultivating the soil, obtaining products that gain new functionality by combining (assembling) certain parts, are multiplied and the limits of production are expanded. we can imagine. AtikİM appeals to all kinds of production sectors. While our program appeals to the food sector on the basis of the basic logic created, it will also appeal to the automotive sector.

The sector that we call production is not a sector by itself, in fact, it sometimes appears as the automotive sector and sometimes as the manufacturing sector. But the production logic is the same regardless of the sector. With simple logic, those that enter production are processed and give a product as output. But in some industries, this logic works backwards. A substance enters the production and as a result, more than one product is obtained. This logic is called reverse production. For example, in meat production, only one substance enters the production, that is, an animal enters the slaughter, and the resulting products such as meat, offal, leather can be reproduced. We also support reverse production with our parametric program structure.

The logic in production is the same as in general, and it is more or less the same in the things that are needed in the production management. For example, production planning… It is one of the basic needs in today’s modern production enterprises. The production plan allows determining the levels and limits of future production activities or quantities. Making production planning depends on fulfilling some sub-functions and obtaining basic information.


·        Workplace layout,

·        Machine and manpower capacity,

·        Material,

·        Sales forecasts,

·        Stock control,

·        They are activities that will be the basis for planning, such as time standards. Production plans are made based on this information.

There is a stage in the nature of production. The final product cannot be the final product without going through a specific set of processes. When the order of these processes is changed, the desired product cannot be obtained. Except in some cases. There are processes that are synchronous, so changing the order of these operations will not cause a change in the product.

There is a need for software that will adapt to the actual operation of this sector, where human power is at the center. A program that moves the existing structure outside the theoretical production scenario to the digital environment will increase the efficiency in production. Various software are available for the production sector in the informatics world. However, many products that were created on the basis of theoretical knowledge made it difficult for the sector to adapt and caused the employer not to get full efficiency from the program. As Atiker Software, we aim to ensure that the product meets the needs of that sector in the products we develop. The manufacturing sector is also a sector in which we have worked at this level.